What If This Is True ?

Mental Torture,
Murder ! ( "Hidden Holocaust" )

But what if it is true ?
(try Google:      "hearing voices" ?   ,  James Auger Tooth Phone ,  Audiodontics Tooth Phone  ) 

Then the letter (like, amongst other things,  the law, democracy, and human rights) is a lie!
Then the whole country might unknowingly be equipped with molar-mobiles !
(do you hear them too ?; Then this is the way they "get rid off" you too!)
(do dentists place unwanted molar-mobiles in molars for years and years ?)
(at what age do they start ?) (almost every DIY has Farmer-forks and axes...)

What about those same years and years with things like money-, sex-, drugs-, weapons-, organ- and child-"business" ?
What about every death, every crime, every financial transaction and the WTC?
Is it this way that they make us poor, keep us uninformed and fooled ?
Is this how they set us up, and play us out against each other ? (causing violence and crime !)
Are we caught between the ordinary and the secret police, the "un-health(y)"-care and fellow victims who are also being kept poor, uninformed and fooled, but are also being set up, and played out against each other , causing violence and crimes ?
Thinking of sovereign debt, budget deficits, and retirement-money; where does the money for all these secret criminal activities come from? from other criminal activities?
(money-, sex-, drugs-, weapons-, organ-, child-"business" etc?)
They do not bring (much) money of themselves, but live in large houses while they spend a lot of money ... Is this the reason we all have to work many years more ?
How about "unsolved" crime, then ? Are we driven into the hands of the police or worse ? (cause mischief, harming others, suicide )
Is this the way they drive people to madness and death ? (is this where all the crazy people, criminals and terrorists who cause many, many problems come from ?)
(is this why they jump in front of trains, attack, stab, shoot random strangers ?)
Are they wiping out complete families like this ?  (how many every year ?)
How about prisoners ? (manipulated, forced, framed, as many off them say ?)(talked into it/ painbutton) (How about "crazy people" ?)(and all those graves all those years ?) (what a way to drive people mad, to make them fight each other, and not be blamed for it !)
How about prostitutes ? (also manipulated, forced, framed ?)(talked into it/ painbutton...) (kick out their teeth when the fuck-ring does not fit, cut off their pricks, but leave the balls...)(dress them in sexclothes and put them in jail)
How about the trade in organs and drugs ? (strange scars ?, missing organs ?, people made addicted ?)(keep THEM alive for THEIR organs)
How about the WTC-pilots (mentally manipulated ?), and their family ?
Did the WTC-pilot from Twente have those molar mobiles; was he also manipulated/ molar-mobile-mindcontrolled ?
How about those thousands and thousands of children disappearing every year ? (rapists/ killers with molar mobiles ?) (does this include any of their children ? )
What do they do with all those bodies ? (crematoriums/ metal-melting factories ?)(can this be investigated ?)(Joris Demmink) (poke a pasture pole in their asshole: all the way in !)
( https://www.kinderneurologie.eu/ziektebeelden/gedrag/stemmenhorenkind.php )
How about all those strange "suicides" (are they caused by molar mobiles ?) (What a future for your children, your family and yourself !) WHAT WILL WE FIND WHEN WE CHECK EVERY DEATH, CRIME, FINANCIAL TRANSACTION ? (FOR 30 OR 50 YEARS ?) (let's see if they're going to pretend they "didn't know", when everybody was equipped with tooth-telephones for 50 or 60 years, and only we were the ones who didn't know...)
Can dentists hand over lists of (previous) victims ? When we take them away from all passports, what do we get ? (how do you check if someone's past is real ?; do they really work at all ?) (where do / did they work ?) (where do you live ?, where do you work ? ; Let us visit your working-place with you to be excluded from the list !)
The AIVD (Dutch secret service) has been regularly in the news;
- they asked for more authority, which was denied (executieve bevoegdheden afgewezen).
- legal insight in information is problem (broninzage).
- the government found it difficult to communicate with AIVD (communicatie).
- the government found it difficult to control the AIVD (aansturing).
- the government accused the AIVD of giving false information, and keeping information behind (valselijk voorlichten/ informatie onthouden).
- Having to do with a sex-scandal concerning someone from the government (Tonino).
- Having to do with a killing off someone from the government (Floppy-disc Pim Fortuyn).
- Having to do with leaking of secrets to the enemy (mail Arabische Liga).
- Having to do with training, informing and facilitating off terrorists (Hofstad Groep/ uitlokken, faciliteren terroristen).
- Forcing the justice-department to investigate the AIVD (Onderzoeken (intern/ O.M.)).
- Having to do with the spreading off nuclear secrets, thus violating non-proliferation (Pakistan and Iran) (Abdul Kahn (terrorist/ non-proliferatie)) Are there unificating factors regarding the microphone-murderers ?
- all passports minus all victims ?
- what are their bodies doing official ? (check where, and if they really work)
- will they show up when there's no more endorsement ?
- lifestyle?
- the best is to catch them back with those molar mobiles; learn all their secrets !
   (equip everybody officially...)

Please collect information carriers like smartphones, pc's, usb-sticks, sd cards, etc (try to put names and addresses on them)

Caught between the normal and the secret police, medical UNhealthcare, and others who are being kept poor, stupid, and fooled; and are also being played and kept divided by warmongers ! This is how they arrange a better life(quality) for themselves and their friends, in this time of James Auger/ Audiodontics, decreasing lebensraum, energy, species and raw materials ! They are cause of too much suffering, tears, pain and loss of lives, lebensraum, energy, species and raw materials!
Is is possible to investigate the possibility if pet and/or human flesh are being consumed ? (producing, transporting, consumption)(dna-sets to test meat in supermarkets ?) (think of factories like the ones that are producing molar-mobiles...) (maybe big ships on the oceans ? "tankers" easy to sink into the ocean) (don't kill them: they have to share their secrets !) (don't break anything: their things have to be re-distributed !) (we don't want to be the same or worse, so we have to know who is guilty of what crime, or not !) (what do, for example, their wives know ?) (are their relatives favored at our expense ?)

Police and Soldiers; throw away your uniforms and stay inside with your family ! You are going to be the new Police and Army !
Police and Soldiers wearing their uniforms will be killed ! (think about your family !)

p.s. Please leave electricity- and water-plants alone, also gas- and fuel-distribution, don't forget to protect stores and supermarkets ! (be careful with nuclear installations: we do not want meltdowns !) (can we bring -especially fusion- scientists from every country together

What a ""coincidence" (?) that the Wuhan-virus appeared exactly at Chinese Newyear (for "maximized effect"?) , not before or after !
(a virus does not work like this...) (are politicians and such equally victims ?, or not?...)
Are there more examples of diseases that broke out "with maximum damage" ?)

(When you investigate working-histories, don't forget to ask how many children died, and if their blood contains anti-serums from before they officially existed ?)

Actually, you should, when you're sure you know everything, that they are guilty, their things have been redistributed, rape/ kill/ eat their children in front of them; show them how you take a shit: then they know what is waiting for them !

(come to think about it; animals are chipped too)